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Artist's Statement

I often challenge the significance of an image by placing it arbitrarily within the confines of a space, or by pairing it with or superimposing it onto another image.  This juxtaposition of like and unlike imagery creates a result quite similar to that of a “collage.”  This collage-like tempo alludes to the ideas of a recurring thought or suggests a passing moment in time.  Putting too much information into a painting, ultimately forces me to revise the piece.  I usually find myself “editing” a painting by removing or even “destroying” parts of the image, while I am finalizing and/or preserving the image. 

Choosing the most appropriate technique and/or medium remains as a significant step in my studio process.  While portions of the two-dimensional work are created in a more traditional sense using paints applied to wooden panels or canvas, I also incorporate less traditional painting methods like scraping or “transferring” images. Much of my current work has become more sculptural, and utilizes a host of sculptural methods and mediums.  I have a strong urge to be expressive with the way that I handle materials.  Remaining experimental with these techniques allows me to reveal or bury images as each piece sees fit.  Ultimately, I strive for each of the works to project several meanings or discussions at once.